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Can you get workers’ comp for injuries off the clock?

Getting injured at work is bad enough. But what if you get hurt when you are not on the clock? Can you still file for workers’ compensation? The answer depends on the details of your situation.

Every employee should understand what qualifies as an on-the-job injury and when you may qualify for workers’ comp if you get injured off the clock.

What counts as a work-related injury?

Generally, workers’ compensation covers injuries that happen while you are performing work duties or engaged in work activities. This includes injuries sustained during your scheduled work hours and while doing activities considered part of your job, such as a delivery driver getting gas or making deliveries.

It also includes any injuries that occur at conferences, meetings or trade shows required for your job and during company-sponsored events such as holiday parties or team-building activities.

What about injuries outside of work hours?

Just because you clocked out for the day does not necessarily mean you cannot file for workers’ compensation. You may still qualify if you got injured on company property, such as tripping in the parking lot. You might also qualify if you were completing a work task outside of work hours, such as checking emails from home or if you became ill due to work-related stress or exposure.

Workers’ compensation applies to a variety of work-related injuries and incidents. The key is being able to show a strong enough connection between your injury and your employment. Keeping detailed records can help demonstrate that link.