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21 Things that Can Give your Disability Claim “Priority Processing” Status

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We’re gonna be straight with you: Social Security has a really hard time making decisions. Well, it’s not so much the decision itself; it’s the volume of appeals that are part of the due process of filing a Social Security...

What a Hassle! Budget Cuts are Affecting SSA Offices; More Work, Less Staff.


Besides the monies accumulated from Social Security through payroll taxes, Social Security has an operating budget that is part of the Congressional Budget. Since 2010, Social Security’s operating monies have been reduced by 10% even though aging baby boomers reaching...

Check Out These Most Commonly Overlooked Workers' Compensation Injuries and Conditions.


Below are the most commonly overlooked workers’ compensation injuries and conditions. Hearing loss Exposure to loud noises over an extended period of time, even with hearing protection, creates a gradual loss of hearing. If you had worked in a noisy...

Can My Student Loans Be Cancelled if I Am Found Disabled?


If you have outstanding Federal Student Loans and you are found to be disabled, they can be cancelled or discharged, providing you meet the stringent requirements of the agency that awarded the loan. A Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) discharge...

We're Monitoring SSSA's Proposed Changes to "Unsuccessful Work Attempts" and Expedited Reinstatements, and How They Will Impact Injured Workers


The Social Security Administration (SSA) is proposing changes to what defines unsuccessful work attempts, and the process of applying for expedited reinstatement of disability benefits. Both of these impact those individuals who have been found disabled by the SSA. People...

Happy Labor Day! American Workers Get a Well-deserved Holiday Just for Themselves


Labor Day is more than just a day off work in September. At Heller, Maas, Moro, & Magill Co., we feel it is important to give recognition to those who spend their lives working for the well being of our...

I'm Still Waiting for My Social Security Hearing Date. What's the Holdup?


Every day, we take calls from clients who are waiting for a hearing date. When we tell them the wait times between “filing the Request for Hearing” and “when we think they will be scheduled”, we get any number of...

What Happens if I Get Hurt in My Company's Parking Lot?


It was a long day at work and Bobby was in a hurry to get to his son’s football scrimmage across town. As he rounded the corner in the company parking lot and rushed to his car, he slipped and...

It's Summer . . . Time to "Watch Out for Motorcyclists."


It’s summertime and everyone wants to have fun, including those who like to drive or ride on motorcycles. But that fun feeling of cruising on your bike should not be taken lightly. Deciding to purchase a motorcycle causes your driving...

Have a Relaxing Summer but Sweat the Small Stuff if You're Working or Playing in Extreme Heat Conditions


The sunny, steamy hot weather that we yearn for all winter long can turn into a problem once summer arrives. High temps and humidity can be dangerous, depending on your summer activities and work environment. The body has a mechanism...

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