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Attorney Referrals

Every day at Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill Co., LPA, we dedicate ourselves to providing the best representation possible to our clients. Our attorneys grew up in the Mahoning Valley and have strong ties to the communities of northeastern Ohio. We care about the challenges our neighbors face. We work hard to provide honest, compassionate, and personalized counsel to every person who walks through our door.

We advocate aggressively for our clients. We are highly skilled lawyers with more than 200 years of combined experience practicing law. We have in-depth knowledge of Ohio law. We use the latest technology to help streamline the legal process. We know what it takes to successfully negotiate a fair settlement or fight for a fair verdict.

Our hard work has helped us earn a reputation across the state as a leading law firm. We are especially proud to have earned the praise of our clients and our peers.

When you’re looking to refer a client for help with a disability, workers’ compensation, personal injury, or criminal defense case, don’t hesitate to turn to the experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill Co., LPA.

Our attorneys have been helping clients in Ohio’s Mahoning Valley for more than 30 years. With seven attorneys and 30 support personnel on staff, we have the resources to handle the most challenging cases. When we receive a referral from another law practice, we treat you fairly and ensure all fee-sharing arrangements are in accordance with the Ohio State Bar Association’s Rules of Professional Conduct.

If you’re interested in referring a client to our practice, contact our office today.

Why Refer To Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill Co., LPA?

Here are a few reasons why you may want to refer a client to our practice:

  • You already have a full caseload. Taking on too many clients at once means you can’t devote your full attention and resources to all of them. Your performance decreases, you’re more likely to lose your case – and worst of all, you may let down your client. If you’re overworked, send a potential client our way and let us take them off your hands.
  • The case is outside your area of focus. Most lawyers concentrate on one or two practice areas. That is a sound strategy because it means you can focus on honing your craft instead of trying to do a bit of everything. However, you may get a client who needs help with a case that involves an area of the law you’re unfamiliar with. When that happens, the best thing you can do for your client is to refer them to a practice with experience handling whatever case they have.
  • You need more resources to tackle the case. Every client is unique, and sometimes meeting their legal needs requires resources that go beyond what you and your firm can offer. That is especially true for lawyers who work in boutique practices or are just starting out. Recognizing your limitations is essential. Referring your client to another firm may be what they need to ensure they get the zealous representation they deserve.
  • You aren’t admitted in the state or court involved in the case. If an established client gets into trouble in a state or court where you aren’t licensed to practice, you can’t represent them. Rather than let your client fend for themselves, you can refer them to another attorney who can provide the service they need.
  • Our reputation and track record. We’ve received numerous honors from our peers in the legal community and are well-known for providing compassionate, dedicated service to those we represent. If you want to be sure your clients will be taken care of, refer them to us.

Types Of Cases That Can Be Referred

The Ohio attorneys at Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill Co., LPA, have extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of practice areas, including:

  • Social Security Disability benefits Given that more than half of all initial claims for Social Security Disability benefits are denied, any client filing for disability should get help from someone who knows how to navigate the system. We can help your client fill out the necessary documents, gather their medical records and other information, make sure their claim is filed on time, and assist with any appeals. We’ll work tirelessly to get the benefits your client needs.
  • Workers’ compensation Employers and insurance companies routinely use bad-faith arguments to deny injured workers their rightful benefits after an on-the-job accident. We can help your client navigate the Ohio workers’ comp claims process, make sure their claim is filed on time, assist them with gathering evidence, and file any necessary appeals on their behalf.
  • Personal injury People are injured in accidents every day across Ohio. In many cases, the accident is the result of negligence. If your client was injured due to someone else’s reckless or careless behavior, they deserve the chance to recover fair compensation for their injuries. We’ll help identify who’s liable for your client’s injuries, collect evidence to establish liability, deal with the various insurance companies, and negotiate a reasonable settlement. If necessary, we’re fully prepared to bring a case to trial to fight for your client.
  • Veterans benefits Anyone who has served our country in the armed forces should be compensated appropriately for their service. Unfortunately, too many veterans are denied their rightful benefits due to bureaucratic glitches and other causes. We know how to navigate the VA and help veterans pursue the benefits they’ve earned from their service.
  • Criminal defense – No one is in more dire need of a lawyer than someone who has been charged with a crime. When someone’s freedom and future are at stake, we’ll work tirelessly to protect our client’s rights, suppress evidence obtained unlawfully, negotiate for a fair plea deal, or defend them in court.

What Do You Get For Referring A Case?

We are always honored and proud when we receive a referral from another attorney. To show our appreciation, we offer generous fee-sharing arrangements with referring attorneys. In addition to a referral fee, we offer fixed-fee or percentage-based fee-sharing deals. All arrangements are made in accordance with the Rules of Professional Conduct outlined by the Ohio State Bar Association.

Trust Our Experienced Lawyers In Ohio And The Surrounding Areas

Sometimes the best way to ensure your client gets the high-quality legal representation they need is to refer them to another attorney. If you wish to know more about our referrals process, contact our office today. We’d be happy to speak with you further.