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5 ways to treat carpal tunnel syndrome at home

Carpal tunnel syndrome presents as tingling, numbness and a dull pain in the wrist and hand. It is a common work injury for people who use their hands in repetitive motions daily, such as warehouse and office workers.

Carpal tunnel can be debilitating. Here are a few ways to treat the symptoms daily.

1. Wear wrists splints

Pressure on the median nerve is the cause of most carpal tunnel pain. Wearing braces with a splint to keep your wrists straight helps relieve that pressure and prevent the pain before it stops.

2. Stretch your wrists

Anytime you have a free moment, make a fist and slowly stretch your fingers until they are straight again. Do this at least five times a day to help relieve pressure on the nerve and prevent flare-ups.

3. Lighten the load

If you spend a significant amount of time each day writing, lifting heavy objects or operating machinery, minimize the force you use to grip onto something. If you type, lighten your tap on the keys and use wrist rests to keep your wrists straight.

4. Take breaks

Give yourself time between tasks to wiggle your fingers and flex your hands. Allowing blood to flow can help reduce swelling that puts pressure on the nerve.

5. Keep warm

Carpal tunnel can cause stiffness, and cold air can exacerbate it. Keep your hands warm, even if you have to keep a pair of fingerless gloves nearby.

If you have carpal tunnel because of your job, you may need to seek medical attention and alert your employer.