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What are injured workers responsible for in a workers’ compensation claim?

Workplace injuries can happen on any type of job. From construction zones to office places, an accident on the job can still cost the employee thousands of dollars in medical bills. In order to earn the workers’ compensation the injured employee needs, there are some aspects of the process that they are responsible for. If were recently injured on the job, here are three critical things an employee needs to do in their compensation claim:

Informing the employer of the accident

Before an employer is able to begin their side of a workers’ compensation claim, they first need to know about it. As the injured employee, it is your responsibility to ensure your employer knows about your injury. It is best to inform your employer as soon as possible, both directly to them in person and also in writing via email or letter.

Reporting the filing of a workers’ compensation claim

In addition to reporting the injury to your employer, you also need to be sure that they are aware of your compensation claim. By informing your employer that you have filed for workers’ compensation, it alerts them to their responsibilities in the claim.

Providing the necessary information for your claim.

Your workers’ compensation claim is not going to provide you with the compensation you need just by applying; you also need to supply the managed care organization (MCO) with the information they need. By supplying the MCO with the medical information and other information they need, you are looking out for your best interests and your future.

Get help to fulfill your responsibilities

It can be a major challenge to pursue a workers’ compensation claim while also trying to recover from your injuries. With the help of a skilled attorney, you can get the guidance you need to complete your responsibilities in your claim. After a workplace injury, make sure you are doing everything in your power to secure your workers’ compensation.