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3 mistakes to avoid after being hurt at work

Workers who suffer an accident at work don’t deserve economic losses for doing their job. Because of this, Ohio requires all employers to cover the medical expenses and lost wages of their injured or sick workers. Even if it is your right as a worker to get this compensation, you could put it at risk if you make a mistake in any step of the claim’s process. To avoid losing your lawful payment, you must avoid doing three things.

Not reporting the injury

After getting an injury at work, the first thing you must do is report it to your employer. Your employer will file a claim with their insurer, and they will pay you your medical expenses and lost wages.  If you miss the deadline, you won’t get your compensation even if you deserve it. In Ohio, workers have up to one year to file a claim for an injury. The time starts running when the person gets injured. Workers must file a claim for diseases up to 6 months after the diagnosis and within two years after the condition began.

Not seeking medical care

You must seek medical attention after you let your employer know about the injury. Your employer’s insurer will pay for your medical expenses later on, and you must focus on your health first. By going to the doctor, you would not only protect yourself, but you’ll also be able to determine the severity of your injuries and how much they will cost you.

Not talking to an attorney

You have the right to receive compensation, timely payments and prompt medical evaluation if you got hurt or contracted a disease at work. However, the claims process is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes workers need lawyers who can fight for their rights if the insurer refuses to give them their benefits. A lawyer also knows how to handle private insurers or the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

A worker’s rights

Your rights as a worker are set in the law, and nothing can prevent you from fighting for them in court. Obtaining this relief is advisable after an injury, as you don’t deserve to pay for doing your job. However, you must be careful to avoid any mistakes.