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Meet Attorney Steve Maas

Meet Attorney Steve Maas

My jobs have prepared me for doing what I do. I worked as a steelworker at Republic Steel and Copperweld Steel from 1974 to 1979, as well as a heavy equipment operator. I was a member of USWA Local #1375 and #2243. This experience has been extremely valuable and has helped me to totally understand how employees are injured on the job, and that there is a real need for injured workers to have good legal representation when they get hurt on the job.

My desire is to help injured workers obtain the benefits they deserve on account of their injuries. Every situation and case is different. My strategy is always to first fully understand my client’s needs and concerns then develop a plan to obtain full compensation for their injury.

The Ohio Workers’ Compensation system is a very complex system with many pitfalls that most injured workers will not even become aware of until after their benefits are stopped or denied. Our office’s policy is to be proactive in trying to prevent the termination or stoppage of benefits before it happens.

Since becoming an attorney in Ohio in 1982, I have tried both big and small cases, including Ohio Supreme Court decisions involving General Motors and Ohio Edison. I am a member of the Ohio Association of Justice, Trumbull County Bar Association and Mahoning-Trumbull County Academy of Trial Lawyers. I have also had the privilege of being an Acting Judge in the Newton Falls Municipal Court since 1988.

If you have been injured on the job, call me or email [email protected]. We will work it out together.