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Social Security Disability In Butler, PA

A man is sad after being denied social security disability benefits in Butler Pennsylvania.

If you’ve suffered a disabling injury or been diagnosed with a disease that leaves you unable to perform any kind of regular job, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. SSD benefits provide financial assistance to people who meet the eligibility criteria set by the Social Security Administration.

To give yourself the best chance of qualifying for SSD benefits, you should seek the guidance of an experienced Butler, Pennsylvania, disability lawyer.

Since 1985, the Pennsylvania SSD claim attorneys of Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill Co., LPA, have helped disabled people in Butler and throughout western Pennsylvania seek disability benefits to support themselves after serious health issues have left them unable to keep working.

Our attorneys and staff understand the Social Security Disability Insurance system and the kind of medical evidence and employment records needed to qualify for benefits. When you choose a Butler disability attorney at Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill Co., LPA, to help you with your SSD claim, you have an experienced legal team working on your behalf.

If you have questions about your eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits, contact us today to speak to a Butler SSD attorney and review your disability case. We’re ready to discuss how our firm can help you work through the application and appeals processes to seek full disability benefits. Don’t wait to call or reach out to us online.

Common Reasons SSD Claims Are Denied In PA

Many people with valid disability claims are denied benefits initially and have to appeal and provide additional medical evidence. Many SSD applications are denied again after a first appeal. Some of the most frequent reasons why SSD applications are denied include:

  • The disability application lacks medical records, or the records provided fail to establish a qualifying disability.
  • The applicant has not worked enough years or attained enough work credits to qualify. The application lacks complete information about the applicant’s employment history.
  • An applicant’s disability is expected to be temporary.
  • An applicant earns or has the capacity to earn more than the monthly income limit for “substantial gainful activity.”
  • The applicant did not make their medical records available to the Social Security Administration.
  • An applicant’s disabling injury occurred in the course of the applicant committing a crime or while the applicant was incarcerated.
  • An applicant’s health condition was caused by alcohol or drug abuse.

Appealing A Denied SSD Claim In Butler, Pennsylvania

If your initial application for SSD benefits is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision within 60 days of receiving the denial notice. Your appeal will be heard by an administrative law judge in a hearing. Due to the formal nature of an administrative hearing, you will be expected to follow the rules of civil procedure when preventing evidence and questioning witnesses. You stand a much better chance of mounting a successful appeal if you are represented by an experienced SSD attorney.

If the administrative law judge denies your appeal, you may have the option of appealing to the courts, but litigation has a lower success rate than an administrative appeal before an ALJ.

Am I Eligible For Social Security Disability In Butler?

You may be entitled to file an application for SSD benefits if you suffer from a disability that renders you unable to work in a job within your physical capabilities and education or skill. This disability must also be expected to last for at least one year or be a progressive condition that will eventually result in death.

A worker becomes eligible for SSD benefits if he or she has paid Social Security taxes in at least 20 of the last 40 quarters. Younger workers have lower eligibility requirements consistent with the shorter time they have spent in the workforce.

A disabled widow or widower of an eligible worker can rely on their deceased spouse’s eligibility to apply for SSD benefits. SSD benefits may also be paid to certain family members of a deceased eligible worker, including surviving spouses who remain unmarried, minor children, adult children who were disabled prior to age 22, and dependent parents.

If a disabled person does not qualify for SSD benefits, he or she may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income, a program for disabled individuals who have very limited financial assets and little income.

What Is The Difference Between Social Security Disability And Supplemental Security Income?

Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income are both federal programs that provide financial assistance to individuals who have disabilities that prevent them from maintaining gainful employment. The SSD program provides benefits to workers who have worked a number of years and paid taxes into the Social Security system. SSD benefits can be paid to any eligible disabled worker.

The SSI program is designed to assist disabled individuals who haven’t earned the necessary work credits to qualify for SSD benefits. A person applying for SSI must meet certain financial requirements, including having less than $2000 in assets and little or no income.

How Do You Know When You Need The Help Of An Experienced Butler SSD Attorney?

When you’re applying for SSD benefits in western Pennsylvania, you may require the assistance of an experienced attorney if:

  • You have questions about your eligibility for SSD benefits.
  • You need help to determine if you can perform substantial gainful activity.
  • You need help filling out your disability benefits application.
  • You are having trouble collecting medical records to prove your disability.
  • Your initial application was denied, and you need help determining the reasons for the denial.
  • You have decided to file an administrative appeal of the denial of your application and wish to request a hearing
  • You have a hearing before an administrative law judge scheduled.
  • Your administrative appeal was denied, and you want to know about further options.

If you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits or if you have had an SSD application denied, contact the law offices of Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill Co., LPA, today for a free consultation with a Butler SSD attorney. Learn about your rights and options for pursuing the disability benefits you need.