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Ashtabula Social Security Disability Lawyer

Injured worker files for SSD benefits with the help of an Ashtabula social security disability lawyer.

Suffering an injury that prevents you from working can place your life and financial security in jeopardy. For qualifying individuals, Social Security Disability benefits can be a vital resource to relieve the burdens that often impact people living with disabilities. But unfortunately, getting Social Security Disability claims approved can be incredibly difficult.

Many hardworking people in Ohio are denied Social Security Disability (SSD) when they initially apply. It’s a sad, nationwide trend. Only 33 percent of Americans are approved for SSD benefits each year.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) rejects many applications due to mistakes that individuals make because the system is confusing and convoluted. The Ashtabula SSD lawyers at Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill Co., LPA, can help you navigate through the red tape and prepare your case for appeal if you are denied.

Our attorneys have over 200 years of combined experience helping clients in northeastern Ohio and the Mahoning Valley to recover SSD benefits. We’re also Ohio natives. We understand the dedicated work ethic of the residents of our communities and how hard it can be when a disability keeps them from earning a living. If you’re down, you can count on Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill Co., LPA, to help you up again.

If you or a loved one believes that you qualify for SSD payments, talk to an OH Social Security Disability lawyer as soon as possible. Call or contact us today for a free consultation.

How Social Security Disability Works

Social Security Disability benefits are available for individuals who sustain an injury so severe it renders them unable to work for at least one year. However, you must meet specific criteria in order to be eligible for benefits.

To qualify, you must have had a job (or jobs) that paid taxes into the Social Security system. You must also have worked long enough and recently enough in order to receive benefits. Your medical condition must also meet the SSA’s strict definitions of a disability.

If you successfully obtain SSD benefits, you can continue to receive them until you are able to return to work. In the event that you reach retirement age while receiving SSD, your disability benefits will convert to retirement benefits. The amount of benefits you receive will not change.

Were You Denied Social Security Benefits In Ohio?

If you were denied Social Security Disability benefits in Ohio, you have the right to appeal the decision. Deadlines matter when it comes to filing an appeal, so get in touch with an SSD lawyer right away to get started.

There is a four-step appeals process for the SSD program:

  • Request for reconsideration: You have 60 days to submit a request for reconsideration for disability benefits. During reconsideration, an examiner will review the facts of the case and make his or her own determination without taking the previous decision into account. If you have additional medical records or evidence to support your case, you can submit them during the reconsideration process.
  • Hearing: You can request a hearing before an administrative law judge within 60 days of a reconsideration denial. During the administrative hearing, you and witnesses may testify about your disability before the judge makes a decision on your case.
  • Appeals Council review: Even if a judge denies you benefits, you can still request that the Appeals Council review your case. The Appeals Council does not hear every case that comes before it. If it does, the council could grant your appeal, deny it, or send it back to the administrative law judge for another review.
  • District Court review: If the Appeals Council still denies your claim, you can file a civil suit in district court. The court does not look at new evidence to determine whether you are disabled. Its job is to look for errors that the administrative law judge may have made when reviewing your case.

Appealing a denial for SSD benefits is a time-consuming process that requires a thorough investigation and understanding of the procedures that must be followed at every stage. You’d be well-advised to work with an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer in Ashtabula before taking on the system by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s natural to have questions about applying for Social Security Disability benefits. The Ashtabula, OH social security disability lawyers at Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill Co., LPA have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions below. For personalized advice, don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation.

What is the difference between SSDI and SSI?

Many people confuse Social Security Disability benefits with Supplemental Security Income (SSI). While the two federal programs are similar, they have some very distinct differences. Social Security disability (SSD) is available to disabled individuals that have accrued a certain number of work credits and paid Social Security taxes on their earnings. By contrast, SSI benefits are paid to eligible low-income individuals with disabilities. Many people who qualify for SSI have had disabilities since childhood and were never able to work. SSI is also available to people over 65 or who have total or partial blindness if they demonstrate a financial need.

What is the application process for Social Security Disability in Ashtabula, Ohio?

You have to supply the SSA with extensive medical and personal paperwork when you apply for SSD benefits. A lawyer can help you collect and organize the information you need. You can apply online or at your local Social Security office.

I was denied disability benefits. Can I appeal?

Yes. You should first submit a Request for Reconsideration. If you are still not approved for benefits, you have the option of requesting an administrative hearing, Appeals Council Review, or filing suit in district court if necessary.

Do I need to work a certain number of years to qualify for SSD?

Yes. To qualify for SSD, you must have accrued 40 work credits, and 20 of those must have typically been earned within the past 10 years. The value of a credit changes every year, but people can generally earn four credits per year. The exact number of credits required to qualify also depends on your age when you became disabled. Younger individuals may still qualify with fewer than 40 credits.

Do I need an Ashtabula Social Security Disability attorney?

You are not required to work with an Ashtabula SSD lawyer when applying for Social Security Disability benefits. However, an attorney can give you a much better chance of success with your application by organizing the pertinent information and avoiding common errors. A lawyer is also a valuable ally to have on your side if you need to appeal, so schedule a consultation quickly if you’ve been denied.

Call An Experienced SSD Lawyer In Ashtabula Today

If you are suffering from a long-term disability and need to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, look no further than the Ashtabula SSD lawyers at Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill Co., LPA. Our team has successfully secured SSD and SSI benefits for northeastern Ohio residents for more than two decades. We know disability claims inside and out, and we can help you, too.

Call or contact our law offices for a free consultation. There’s no fee unless you recover benefits.