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If I Receive Social Security Benefits, Can I Still Receive a Stimulus Check?

US check representing SSD check.

The U.S. government recently announced that it will issue a stimulus payment to many Americans to help them deal with the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The stimulus includes up to $1,200 for each eligible adult and as much as $500 for each of their dependent children.

However, details on these payments have left some people confused, and many Social Security recipients are worried about how to get this money that they need so desperately during this unprecedented crisis.

At Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill Co., LPA, our Social Security Disability Lawyers in Ohio want to provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Am I Eligible to Receive a Stimulus Check If I Am on SSD?

Most people on Social Security Disability (SSD) are eligible to receive a stimulus check. Under the U.S. government’s basic requirements for stimulus payments, most individuals making under $99,000 and married couples making less than $198,000 are eligible for a stimulus payment. Additionally, you must have a valid Social Security number, and you cannot be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return.

What If I Didn’t File My Taxes in the Past Two Years?

Most Americans on Social Security will receive a check, even if they do not file tax returns. The government will automatically send you a stimulus check if:

  • You meet the basic income requirements for a stimulus payment.
  • You don’t have children under 17.
  • You received Social Security retirement, disability (SSDI), survivor benefits, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits in 2019.

However, if you just started receiving Social Security in 2020 or you have children under 17, you must register using the IRS non-filer site in order to get the stimulus payment for your family.

Do Other Benefits Programs Affect My Ability to Receive a Stimulus Check?

Unless your total income is above the eligibility levels or you owe past-due child support payments, then income from other programs, such as veterans disability compensation and veterans survivor benefits, is not likely to affect your eligibility. However, beneficiaries of these programs should check with the IRS for the best information on their specific situation.

Additionally, unlike Social Security recipients, beneficiaries of many of these other programs will not automatically receive a stimulus payment. They will likely need to submit information to the IRS before the government will send them a check.

When Should I Expect My Check?

Eligible recipients should receive their stimulus check by May 2020. You should receive the payment through whatever method you usually receive Social Security, such as direct deposit or a paper check. To check the status of your payment, go to the IRS Get My Payment site.

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