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How long do you have to be on the job in Ohio to file a workers’ compensation claim?

Our Ohio workers’ compensation lawyers discuss how long you have to be on the job in Ohio to file a workers’ compensation claim.

No employee anticipates being injured on the job, yet, accidents can happen whether you have been employed for ten years or ten days. While employees who have been employed with the company for a long time may feel that they have “paid their dues” and may feel more confident filing a workers’ compensation claim, new hires or junior employees should not be afraid to report accidents and file workers’ compensation claims if they have been injured in a workplace accident.

According to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC), “All injured workers with allowed workers’ compensation claims are entitled to payment of medical bills for treatment related to the injury or occupational disease.” While you may be eligible to file for compensation regardless of how long you’ve been employed, it is crucial to note that you must be aware of the statute of limitations to file your claim following an accident. In Ohio, the statute of limitations varies depending on the date the injury occurred, whether the accident caused injury or death, and what type of claim it is. Because the statute of limitations may vary, it is important to:

  • Immediately report any accidents at work to your supervisor
  • Make sure the accident is documented (and is not merely accepted verbally)
  • Seek immediate medical assistance for any injuries
  • Contact an experienced Ohio workers’ compensation attorney to discuss the details of the case, the statute of limitations for your claim, and your legal options

While on-the-job injuries caused by accidents can often be identified and treated immediately, occupational diseases may be slower to develop and may at first appear similar to other illnesses. Occupational diseases are specific conditions that are unique to certain industrial processes and typically arise directly due to exposure to materials or chemicals during a person’s employment. They usually occur over time, and some, like asbestosis or mesothelioma, may not show symptoms until long after the person has left that job.

If you are suffering from or if a loved one passed away due to an occupational disease, the date of disability is determined by:

  • The date the worker was first diagnosed with the illness by a doctor
  • The first date of treatment for the disease
  • The date that the employee first quit work because of the disease

Again, it is important to immediately seek medical treatment if you suspect you may have an occupational disease, and only an experienced attorney can tell you the right course of legal action to take. That’s why so many people in Youngstown, Warren, Salem, Ravenna and Akron have trusted the Ohio workers’ compensation lawyers of Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill, Co., LPA. when they were injured on the job. We know that you may have questions about your eligibility (especially if you are new to the company), the type of compensation you may be due, and how the process works, so contact us at (330) 792-6611 to discuss your claim today.