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Why Is It Taking So Long for My Disability Hearing to Be Scheduled?

Why Is It Taking So Long for My Disability Hearing to Be Scheduled?

You’ve probably been to the deli counter at your local supermarket many times to get your favorite lunch meats and cheeses. You know the drill: You pull a paper ticket from the red dispenser and wait for your number to be called.

Then you look up to the electronic sign to see your place in line.  Inevitably, the wait is longer than you’d like it to be, especially if you’re hungry and can already taste that salami and provolone sandwich. While the long wait can be frustrating, having that red ticket gives you assurance that you have your place in line and will eventually get that deli order filled.

So you’re probably wondering what standing at the deli counter has to do with your Social Security Disability claim.

Well, we’ll slice it down for you. There are about one million Americans currently waiting for their Social Security Disability hearing to be scheduled. These wait times can range anywhere from 15 months in Akron, Ohio all the way up to 22 months in Brooklyn, New York. That clock starts ticking when the Request for Hearing is requested, NOT when you file your initial application.

But you can do something useful while you are waiting. In fact, it’s critically important that you use this time to build and collect the facts surrounding your case. This will guarantee that once your hearing is scheduled, all of the evidence supporting your claim will have been sent to the hearing office.

Finally, your number is called and it’s time for your hearing. Good! Okay but keep in mind that the hearing itself can be stressful because many details need to be sorted out at this time. That’s why it’s important to have adequate legal representation at this hearing. We’d be happy to help.

Along with this in-person representation, Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill Co., LPA can also provide video teleconference hearings through a program established by the Social Security Administration for Social Security claimant representatives, which allow almost all of our clients’ Social Security Disability hearings to be heard at our Austin town location. This eliminates you having to travel to regional hearing offices on the day of your hearing. It’s easier, more convenient, and you’ll be in good hands with us.

We know the process is frustrating, but it is important to keep your head up and be ready when your number is called. Have questions? Give us a call.