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You Have the Right to Choose Your Own Doctor!

You Have the Right to Choose Your Own Doctor!

So, your employer wants you to see THEIR doctor? What’s up with that? After all, YOU have the right to choose your own doctor.

According to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) website, rules governing the Health Partnership Program say that an injured worker has the right to be treated by the doctor of their choice, as long as that doctor is a BWC-certified provider.

Definitely use healthcare providers that you know and trust, or have been recommended by people you trust. If you end up seeing a doctor that you are uncomfortable with, you can change your treating physician by notifying the BWC and the MCO for your claim.

If you’re injured on the job, you may be initially treated by your employer’s medical provider at the time of the injury or even the emergency room doctor, but that doesn’t mean you must continue to use either of them. You may just end up going to your PCP, but they may not be BWC-certified. How do you find out if a physician is certified? Of course, you can just ask your physician or you can log onto www.bwc.ohio.gov, go to the Medical Providers tab and choose the BWC Provider look-up.  It’s that easy!

Make sure that you communicate to all of your healthcare providers that you have a work-related injury, and make sure to tell all of them exactly how you were injured and all the body parts involved. That way, the information becomes part of your medical record.

Having trouble with your employer about what doctor is treating your work injury? You may need an attorney to ensure your right to choose your own doc. Contact Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill for a free consultation regarding this or any other issue you might be having with your claim.