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Set Up a “My Social Security” Account and Make Your Life Easier.

If someone offered you something free, simple to use and personalized that would make your life easier, you’d probably at least give it a look, right? Well, hold onto your hat because we’re about to tell you about something just like that—and it’s compliments of your US government.Shocking, we know! But it’s true. This is a government service that actually works really well and is simply for your convenience.

It’s for anyone who receives Social Security or plans to someday. The online program is called “my Social Security.” It’s a super easy way to keep track of your earnings (and verify them every year, which you should do) and also get an estimate of your future benefits if you are still working (this is always good to know).

Currently receiving benefits?

With “my Social Security”, you will get a letter with proof of the benefits that you are currently receiving, and you can manage your benefits, too. Say for instance, that you move and have a change of address, or you want to start or change the direct deposit of our Social Security benefits. You can do it through your personalized account. No waiting on hold on the phone or standing in line at the SSA office. Who has time for that anyway? You can even get a replacement SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S for tax season.

Still working and not receiving benefits yet?

You can use your online account to get your Social Security Statement to review estimates of your future retirement, disability and survivors benefits. You can also review your earnings once a year to verify that the amounts the SSA posts are correct. Finally, you can view online the estimated Social Security and Medicare taxes you’ve paid.

Setting up an account is quick and secure. Yes, you will have to answer a few questions and set up a user name and password, but this protects you and keeps your information private. Click here to set up your account: http://www.ssa.gov/myaccount/.