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Welcome to the bLAWg-osphere


30-year-celebration Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill, Co., LPA

When Heller, Maas, Moro and Magill was founded way back on February 1, 1985, Bruce Springsteen had just released Born in the USA and Stallone was dominating the box office with Rocky IV and Rambo: First Blood. It wasn’t until about 12 years later that the word “blog” was first used to describe a sort-of online journal where people would write about ordinary things like what they had for breakfast.

While lots of people still do that, blogs have evolved into an informal way to get the word out about important information. Having one reliable source to go to when you need answers makes life easier. That’s why we decided to start our own legal blog—or, bLAWg. We see it as a no-fuss way to provide you with information about legal stuff you need to know, in plain language. In fact, that’s our slogan for this blog.

This year, we are celebrating our 30th anniversary as a law firm. It has truly been a pleasure and an honor to represent our injured and disabled workers the past three decades. We feel blessed to be able to have done good work for good people in our community, and help deserving clients become entitled to Social Security disability and Ohio worker’s compensation benefits.

If you don’t know us already, allow us to introduce ourselves: we are Robert Heller, Steve Maas, Joseph Moro and Richard Magill, but you can call us Bob, Steve, Joe and Pete.

Check back here often for stuff you might need to know—now or someday—about anything related to worker’s compensation, social security disability, personal injury or, just in general, hiring and working with an attorney. As Rambo famously said, “In the field we have a code of honor: You watch my back, I watch yours.”