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Utica and Marcellus Shale Industries in the Area

Exploration of Ohio’s Utica shale and Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale has brought an influx of jobs and industry to this area. Unfortunately, it can be a particularly dangerous industry. In 2010, the fatality rate for oil and gas extraction workers was 7 times greater than the rate for other US industries.

Fracking-related injuries rise as natural gas workers are exposed to risky conditions such as:

  • dangerous fracking job sites
  • hazardous oil spills
  • toxic fracking chemicals
  • silica dust

Additionally, natural gas and oil workers stand a huge risk of:

  • drilling injuries.
  • gas rig injuries
  • fracking-related and fracking truck injuries
  • welding injuries

In 2004, an oil worker died after falling into a water retention or mud pit as he attempted to apply chemicals to the surface. In 2009, one gas well worker was killed and four others injured when exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas released from a pipe.

These are just a few of the tragic stories that are becoming all-too common as the fracking and natural gas industry grows in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

For nearly 30 years, Heller, Maas, Moro & Magill Co., L.P.A., has been helping injured parties get the compensation they deserve. We are experienced in this area and ready to serve as a resource for oil and gas workers in the dangerous fracking and natural gas industry as well as residents who have been affected by unsafe fracking.